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Hardware Custom Made

No other reproduction hardware available can begin to compete with the convincing quality of our custom made hardware. Each is a clone of an original, individually cast by the time consuming and demanding lost wax process. No attempt has been made to "improve" upon the original either visually or functionally. In almost all cases, you will find the quality of line and generosity of form exceeds that of modern copies. If you want to elevate your work to the highest possible standard of authenticity, then our thus custom made hardware should be your choice.

Each item is finished in a marvelous ammonia fumed patina that can be removed with common brass polishes for a more "cared for" effect.

Finish,Colour and Material:
Polished Brass
Antique Brass
Polished Chrome Polished Nickel
Satin Nickel
Bronze Iron Wood
Herewith we display a few of hardware cases what we did for our clients before. The material we are using we 100% brass. and we generate Chinese hardware manufacturing technology as per hand made. So not only we sell our standard size or shaped hardware, we can also custom made any type of hardware into any shape. We are having lots of domestic and international clients, the hardware we produced are fitted with in hotel, temple, individual family. Despite those, we also have lots of furnitures factories from around the world, where we wholesale with them a lot hardware. For any questions on hardware or business, please feel free to call us 0086-13621990301 or contact us via email to

custom logo pulls for big gate door      

5 x 3 cm

Laser engraving for company product identification or label


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