Largest and Widest Catalogue in the world for Chinese Brass Hardware.
Hardware Catalogue No.1 Hardware Catalogue No.2
big cabinet no.1(from A-001 to A-006)
big cabinet no.2(from A-007 to A-018)
big cabinet no.3(from A-019 to A-030)
big cabinet no.4(from A-031 to A-039)
big cabinet no.5( from A-040 to A-051)
Small Cabinet page no.1(from B-001 to B-012)
Small Cabinet page no.2(from B-013 to B-024)
Small Cabinet page no.3(from B-025 to B-035)
Small Cabinet page no.4(from B-036 to B-047)
Small Cabinet page no.5( from B-048 to B-059)
Small Cabinet page no.6( from B-060 to B-071)
Small Cabinet page no.7(from B-072 to B-083)
Small Cabinet page no.8(from B-084 to B-095)
Small Cabinet page no.9(from B-096 to B-107)
Small Cabinet page no.10((from B-108 to B-119)
Small Cabinet page no.11(from B-120 to B-131)
Small Cabinet page no.12(from B-132 to B-143)
Small Cabinet page no.13( from B-144 to B-149)
Small Cabinet page no.14(from B-150 to B-154)
Small Cabinet page no.15(from B-155 to B-158)
Small Cabinet page no.16( from B-159 to B-164)
Butterfly page no.1( from C-001 to C-012)
Butterfly page no.2( from C-013 to C-027)
Trunk page no.1 (from D-001 to D-012)
Trunk page no.2(from D-013 to D-028)
Trunk page no.3( from D-029 to D-048)
Trunk page no.4(from D-049 to D-066)
Corner page no.1( from E-001 to E-026)
Corner page no.2(from E-027 to E-055)
Door Hardware page no.1(from F-001 to F-035)
Door Hardware page no.2(from F-036 to F-070)
Door Hardware page no.3(from F-071 to from F-107)
Pull page no.1( from G-001 to G-019)
Pull page no.2( from G-020 to G-043)
Pull page no.3( from G-044 to G-068)
Pull page no.4(from G-069 to G-089)
Pull page no.5(from G-090 to G-109)
Door Knobs page no.1(from H-001 to H-008)
Door Knobs page no.2(from H-009 to H-016)
Door Knobs page no.3( from H-017 to H-038)
Door Knobs page no.4( from H-039 to H-065)
Door Knobs page no.5(from H-066 to H-085)
Door Knobs page no.6( from H-086 to H-110)
Door Knobs page no.7( from H-111 to H-134)
Door Knobs page no.8( from H-135 to H-161)
Door Knobs page no.9( from H-162 to H-195)
Door Knobs page no.10( from H-196 to H-225)
Door Knobs page no.11(from H-226 to H-261)
Door Knobs page no.12( from H-262 to H-301)
Door Knobs page no.13(from H-302 to H-341)
Door Knobs page no.14(from H-342 to H-388)
Door Knobs page no.15( from H-389 to H-438)
Door Knobs page no.16( H-439 to H-489)
Door Knobs page no.17(from H-490 to H-529)
Door Knobs page no.18(from H-530 to H-579)
Door Knobs page no.19(from H-580 to H-625)
Door Knobs page no.20(from I-001 to I-020)
Door Knobs page no.21(from I-021 to I-045)
Door Knobs page no.22(from I-046 to I-071)
Door Knobs page no.23(from I-072 to I-100)
Door Knobs page no.24( from I-101 to I124)
Hook page no.1(from J-001 to J-039)
Hook page no.2( from J-040 to J-050)
Bolts (K-001 to K-030)
Bolts (K-031 to K-055)
Needles(L001 to L-048)
Needles(L049 to L089)
Needles(L090 to L122)
Oriental Lock page no.1( from M-001 to M-021)
Oriental Lock page no.1(from M-022 to M-045)
Copper Frame page no.1(from O-001 to O-005)
Copper Frame page no.2( from O-006 to O-010)
Copper handicraft page no.1( from N-001 to N-012)
Copper handicraft page no.2( from N-013 to N-026)
Copper handicraft page no.3( from N-027 to N-046)
Copper handicraft page no.4( from N-047 to N-062)
Copper handicraft page no.5( from N-063 to N-079)
Copper handicraft page no.6(from N-080 to N-087)
Copper handicraft page no.7( from N-088 to N-105)
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