Largest and Widest Catalogue in the world for Chinese Brass Hardware.
I want to be Mr. ChineArt's local distributor. How should I start? Answer:
Please call us, or send an email to:
Who should I contact to learn about the status of my order(s)? Answer:
Please call us or email to: , and tell our staff your company's name and address.
How does Mr. ChineArt ship my order? Answer:
Orders are shipped by EMS Service(China National Courier Postage Company). Customers needing their products soonest can specify U.P.S. at additional U.P.S. costs. Mr. ChineArt does NOT mark up U.P.S. shipping charges.
What methods of payment does ChineArt accept? Answer:
Payments can be made by Bank Telegraphic Transfer or Western Union or Cash Envelope by Airmail.
Is there is minimum order? Answer:
No, there is no minimum order. Therefore, there is no special service charge for small orders. However, we strongly encourage to purchase more quantity so that you will save freight on per-unit basis.
What are your hours of operations? Answer:
Monday through Friday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Beijing +8 Time.
How soon does Mr. ChineArt ship my order? Answer:
Depending on product availability, orders placed before 1:00 p.m. Beijing +8 Time will be shipped on the same day. Orders received after 1:00 p.m. Beijing +8 Time will be shipped in the following business day.
How can I find my local distributor for Mr. ChineArt's products? Answer:
Please call us, and ask for a listing of our distributors nearest you by email
How can I get some literature about Mr. ChineArt's products? Answer:
Please call us or email
What isMr. ChineArt's warranty policy? Answer:
Mr. ChineArt guarantees its products against defects in materials and workmanship for one (1) year.
Can Mr. ChineArt custom-make some hardware for us? Answer:
Yes, Mr. ChineArt definitely can custom-make hardware for you, provided you give us drawings and spefication sheets, or samples of the hardware, as long as the hardware you want is NOT actively patented by someone else in the U.S. or in foreign countries. Please call us, and ask for more detail via email
What if the shipment is short of what I got billed for?

To prevent shortage, each shipment is double-checked before it goes out. If there is any shortage, please report to us within 5 working days after you receive your order. We will immediately rectify any shortage.

Do you have any agent or stocks in Malaysia? I am looking for traditional Chinese hardware. Answer:
We donot assign any distributors in any countries or regions. All of the hardware orders have to be shipped out from our factory/headquarter in Shanghai.
What is Ordering Process through our web-site?

Step No.1 FINIALISED THE ORDERING LIST Please firstly finialise the items numbers you will order from us from our web-site
Step No.2:CONCLUDE THE TOTAL AMOUNT AND FREIGHT CHARGES And then we will email you their prices, and the freight charges by airmail.the freight charges will be based on how many items you will order from us, since it related with the weight of the bronze hardware you will order from us.
Step No.3:EMAIL BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER FOR BANK TRANSFER THE PAYMENT After all of the ordering list is confirmed, we will email you our Bank Account number for your bank transfer out the payment to us.
Step No.4:RECEIVING THE PACKAGE usually, it takes 2-3 days for the amount to be arrived at our Bank Account number. And the postage time takes 7-10 days for our clients to receive the package.usually, we post the package by China Post. but if you would like to post via DHL or UPS or FedEX,please specify this with us.
Step No.5: Comments on our hardware items.

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